Bible Truth for Living is a place that seeks to offer simple and straightforward information from God’s Word. The Bible is God’s message to man and plainly lays out God’s plan for rescuing man from sin.

God’s Word is not a self-help book. It is not intended to help us find a new job, a life mate, a place to live, financial success, or any other temporal or selfish goal. God’s Word seeks to address the real problem we all have: sin. And if you think that by serving God you’ll be blessed with material things and life success, and avoid tragedy in this life, you’re going to be disappointed. God promises us that if we follow Him, the world will hate us, we will be persecuted, and being a disciple might cost you your life. Jesus taught that serious contemplation ought to be exercised before becoming a disciple, because there is a cost (Luke 14.26-33). The goal of serving God is not success in this life, but success in the next life.

Bible Truth for Living is dedicated to providing simple, saving truth. The articles, podcasts, media and other elements that we provide through this website are designed to help us all find God’s grace and mercy, and forgiveness for our sins – because that is something we all need. We are trying to be simply Christians – disciples of Jesus the Christ. Our goal in this world is to serve God by serving others – quietly, contentedly, and joyously. We hope to be saved by the grace of God, and because of the gift of that grace, we are willing to surrender our lives to His glory and guidance.

We welcome feedback, questions, observations, and suggestions about the information presented here (use the Contact Us page). May God bless us all in our efforts to ‘ask, seek, and knock’ – to come to know God, and the wonderful grace He offers through His Son.